We suggest that you drop off all of your BikeFlights.com shipments at a UPS Customer Center. 

If you drop off your shipment at The UPS Store® or third party retailer (including Authorized Shipping Outlets) and it is accepted, it will travel through the UPS carrier system.

Please note that any high-value shipments will NOT receive Preferred Handling if you drop them off at The UPS Store® or other third party retailer. Technically, such locations are not authorized to accept pre-labeled high-value shipments (of US$1,000 or more) booked via BikeFlights.com. 

When you drop off your shipments at UPS Customer Centers, there is no charge. Please be aware some The UPS Store® locations will charge additional fees for serving as a dropoff location, and some will not have the ability to print your label or may charge you to print your label, so we suggest labeling your box prior to dropoff whenever possible. 

If you need help finding a dropoff location, please contact our Support Team, or check this online tool. Deadlines for daily dropoffs vary by location. Be sure to ask for a receipt when you dropoff your box or case.